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The Bison Council Wants Us To "Flip the Bird" This Thanksgiving

The Bison Council flips turkey the bird, they recently released a funny series of video shorts on why we should replace turkey this Thanksgiving for the prairie-grazing bison, a healthier alternative to the traditional bird.

Press Release:  
Bison is in, Turkey Out, as North America’s Original Protein
New Industry Council Suggests You “Flip The Bird” This Thanksgiving

Chicago, IL (November 1, 2013) – Don’t serve turkey for Thanksgiving! Sacrilege? Blasphemy? Or, is there something even more delicious and authentic to offer guests during this classic family holiday? There is, and it’s bison – the protein many believe was actually the centerpiece at America’s first Thanksgiving.

The Bison Council, a group of well-respected culinary, lifestyle and nutrition professionals, is asking Americans to “flip the bird” this Thanksgiving.

“Flip turkey right off your holiday menus and replace it with bison,” says Josh Ozersky, founding ambassador of The Bison Council and James Beard Award-winning food writer. “It’s better for you and every bit as traditional as turkey. Why eat something on Thanksgiving you only have – or want – once a year? Bison is a true crowd pleaser. Think of it as robust, rich, flavorful beef with fewer calories and less fat. Every American needs to get on board the bison train and ‘flip the bird’ once and for all.”

Bison has thrived on prairies, river valleys and scrublands of North America for thousands of years. Although their numbers decreased drastically in the late 1800s, bison are no longer endangered. In recent decades, their numbers have grown steadily, due to an influx in demand and farming. Today, they graze on open ranges from Alberta, Canada to Mexico.

While bison is most often compared directly to beef, its nutritional value also compares favorably to the protein that usually occupies the center of the plate on Thanksgiving.

A 100g (~3.5 ounce) serving of bison, compared to an equal serving size of turkey, has less cholesterol (59mg vs. 67mg), fewer calories (103 vs. 112) and less total fat (1.35g vs. 1.93g)*.

Bison will be “flipping the bird” in a dramatic way at the upcoming World Food Championships (WFC) in Las Vegas on November 10. The WFC brings chefs together from some of the biggest and best restaurants around the world for one ultimate defining tournament.

This year, WFC will host a Thanksgiving Challenge Showcase on the final day of the event. It will feature three popular chefs, each challenged to create a holiday meal with a secret ingredient in at least three of the dishes. And, that secret holiday ingredient is – bison! Thanksgiving will never be the same.

Competing chefs include Emily Ellyn of Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star” and “Cupcake Wars”, Giorgio Rapicavoli, founder and chef of Miami’s Eating House, and Rick Giffen, executive chef of Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

In addition to the Thanksgiving Challenge, The Bison Council will be “flipping the bird” with attendees throughout the day. Event-goers are invited to stop by The Bison Council tent to pick up recipe cards, talk with The Bison Council representatives, enjoy samples of delicious dishes featuring the original American meat (from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and receive a sure-to-be coveted Flip the Bird t-shirt.

“We will literally be wearing our love of bison on our chest,” said Ozersky. “And I’m not giving mine away!”

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