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Publicis Italy Filled The New Udinese Football Club Stadium With Pregnant Women in the "Dacia Family Project"

Dacia is the main sponsor of Udinese Football Club since 2008. After 8 years has decided to give its name to the new Udinese stadium.
The problem is that the italian stadiums are gradually emptying, because of the italian laws that kept the ultras out.
How to fill the Dacia Arena with new supporters?

Dacia Family Project is the online contest that convinced Udinese supporters to create a new generation of football fans. How?
By giving away season tickets to every future supporter.
For the first time in the Italian Championship, during Udinese-Napoli, almost 150 pregnant women populated the stadium and 20 of them lined up with the football players, wearing a special shirt.

Nearly 1.500.000 people watched the game, 95% of national TV and press covered the story generating over 80.000.000 media impressions equal to € 2.000.00 of free media spaces.
The official hashtag #daciafamilyproject has been 8 times in the top 10 of the Italian trending topics with over 3.500.000 of impressions.

Dacia Arena, 3 aprile 2016, Udinese-Napoli: per permettere alle famiglie di pensare al futuro senza rinunciare alla passione per il calcio, Dacia ha regalato a centinaia di donne incinte e ai loro compagni un'esperienza mai vista prima in uno stadio italiano.
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