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National Anthem with Peanuts & The Gang From Charlie Brown at MetLife Stadium

Award-winning creative leader Ari Merkin launches the :30 MetLife spot “Anthem,” positioned to broadcast second-to-last before kickoff at Super Bowl XLVIII. The emotional :60 clip produced by Passion Pictures features the beloved cast of animated Peanuts characters as they discover MetLife Stadium, with the character of Schroeder playing a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” on the piano in the center of the stadium, enticing the rest of the gang to join him on the field.

Innovative music house Elias took on the task of rearranging the country's most symbolic song. Throughout the spot, the pureness of the piano piece resonates the anthem's tremendous emotional, stopping power.

As the host of Super Bowl XLVIII, MetLife introduces viewers to New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium; hosting one of the country’s most important sporting events of the year. Ari Merkin, Founder and Head Creative of Ari Merkin LLC highlights the significance of the anticipation prior to kickoff, stating, “I wanted to do something that hinges on the world that you’re in and the world you’re about to go into.”

The resulting combination of Director Dan Sumich's visual and Elias' sound inspires a silencing wave of national pride, connecting this with MetLife Stadium and ultimately the MetLife brand.

Creative Credits:  
Agency: Ari Merkin LLC
AD: Ari Merkin
Executive Producer: Clair Grupp
CWs: Ari Merkin &Tim Brunelle
End Card Designer: Katie Steward

Production Co: Passion Pictures
Director: Dan Sumich
DOP: Joby Barnhart
Executive Producer London: Anna Lord
Executive Producer New York: Belinda Blacklock
Producer: Katie Mackin

Live Action Producer: Jane Tredgett
Art Director: Stephane Coedel
Storyboard Artist: Brendan Houghton
Animation Supervisor: Jerry Forder
Animators: Daryl Graham, Uli Meyer, Peter Dodd, Jerry forder
Animation Assistants: Alan Henry, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Slaven Reese, Rachel Glodowski
Animation Co-ordinator: Derek Walsh
Animation Checker: Tony Clarke
Editors: Tom Vogt, Tim King, Nick Hristou
Post Production: Absolute London
Post Producers: Belinda Grew/Leigh Warner
Flame: Simon Holden & Owen Saward
Colorist: Mark Turner
VFX Supervisor/Additional Stills Photographer: Sean Broughton
Live Action Production Co: Rabbit Content New York
Rabbit Live Action Producer: Lauren Bayer
Live Action Editor: Jai Shukla/Beast

Music: Elias Arts
EP: Kate Dohaney
Creative director: Greg Griffith
Producer: Matt Phenix
Sound design: Jay Nuremberg
Arranger : Neal Kirkwood
Producer: Matt Phenix

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