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McVitie's Sweeet Trio of New TV Adverts are Deliciously Irresistible

Introducing McVitie's Sweeet: crumbly cuddles, choclately snuggles and zesty mischievousness.

In a nutshell: it features nine Pembroke Corgi puppies, nine British Shorthair kittens and one big-eyed tarsier all climbing out of biscuit packets. It’s appropriately cute, and based on the comments we’ve been getting on Twitter since it broke on TV last night, people love it.

Shot by award-winning director Owen Trevor, they also feature three Great British feel-good retro TV show theme tunes – Fawlty Towers, Blockbuster and Murder She Wrote.

Creative Credits:  
Ad Agency: Grey, London
Project name: McVitie’s Sweeet
Client: Sarah Heynen, Sweet Biscuits Marketing Director, United Biscuits
Creative Director: Nils Leonard, Jonathan Marlow
Copywriter: Jonathan Marlow
Art director: Chris Chapman
Agency producer: Ange Eleini
Creative Producer: Oliver Roberts
Planner: Fiona Keyte, Daniel Sherrard
Media agency: MEC
Media planner: Nicola Tracey
Production company: Passion RAW
Director: Owen Trevor
Editor: John Smith
Producer: Rob Leonard
DoP: Daniel Bronks
Post-production: Absolute
Audio post-production: Factory

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