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Mack Trucks - Born Ready

Mack Trucks is a cultural icon—a brand that has become part of the American lexicon...a symbol of toughness and strength. After all, how many people have felt like they've been “hit by a Mack Truck!”

Since WWI, when the bulldog became the official symbol of Mack Trucks, the consistency of the brand image was often sacrificed for other business priorities. Inconsistencies of usage abounded, diluting the proud, strong, iconic brand. Mack Trucks' agency of record, VSA Partners, recently embarked upon a comprehensive brand strategy and brand revitalization program, pulling together the best, most potent parts of Mack Trucks identity--the bulldog and the wordmark--to create a carefully refined and coherent brand expression system centered around an authentic purpose and promise. The result is an iconic American brand that is now positioned to deliver consistently on a well-earned reputation for speaking honestly and directly, for working harder than the next guy, for making incredible products that inspire the imagination and for loving every corner of the trucking industry.

Below, Born Ready - Inside the New Mack Brand Reveal this week in Las Vegas.

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Ad Agency: VSA Partners

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