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Koskenkorva turns vodka advertising on its head via Ad Shop Bob the Robot

The Finnish village Koskenkorva is one people can't talk about. This is due to strict alcohol laws prohibiting them to advertise their award winning vodka, which also has led to some bizarre situations for families in the village with the same name. As a result the village has almost become ‘persona non grata' in Finland.

However, it is now time for the barley farmers of Koskenkorva to get the recognition they deserve and create awareness of their vodka. To do so, Koskenkorva will build The Great Wall of Koskenkorva, where all the names of the people who download the Vodka Farmer app will be immortalised.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Bob the Robot
Creative Director and Storywriter: Toni Tiusanen
Copywriter: Toni Tiusanen, Kari Eilola
Art Director: Lasse Kangasmaa
Account Director: Maija Silamo
Producer: Nina Miettinen

Client: Altia Plc. / Koskenkorva Vodka
Category Brand Manager: Suvi Reinikkala
Category Director: Kirsi Puntila

Production company: Bob the Robot Pictures
Director: Jaakko Itäaho
Producer: Olli Korpiala
DOP: Mika Orasmaa
Editor: Julius Greis
VFX: Post Control
Music: "The Oregon Trail" (Koskenkorva Version) | Julien Vega, Baptiste Thiry | Cézame | Upright Music
Music Supervision: Upright Music

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