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FirstBank, Ode to Millennials "No Pants" Regional Super Bowl 50 Commercial

The branding approach, atypical for FirstBank, aims to bring in new savings accounts from a generation that is famously savings-averse. The key insight, based on services such as Airbnon, Car2Go, was that Millennials do “save”; they share.
The spot runs regionally on the Super Bowl in Colorado and in Arizona. After that it will appear mainly on late night and sports programming.

"Millennials, are you the most money-saving savvy generation since the Greatest Generation of the 30’s and 40’s? Perhaps. You certainly enjoy sharing things – bikes, music, cars, streaming TV logins, even pants – apparently. We like to think you do this to save money, but the truth is probably closer to your generation being the most inclusive, most open-minded and the friendliest. So FirstBank is giving you a Mile-High salute during this year’s big game."

Creative Credits:  
Advertising Agency: TDA_Boulder, Boulder, U.S.A.
Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold
Art Director: Haley Garyet
Art Director: Barrett Brynestad
Copywriter: Jonathan Schoenberg
Additional credits:
ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg
Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney
Agency Producer: Susan Fisher
Prod. Co.: MJZ
Directors: Perlorian Brothers
D.P.: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Exec Producers: David Zander, Eriks Krumins
Line Producer: Jay Shapiro
Editorial/Post: Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor: Katz
Asst. Editor: Nellie Phillips
Exec Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias-Sears
Producers: Marie Mangahas, Chelsea Spensley
Color Correct: Apache
Telecine Operator: Steve Rodriguez
Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Zach Fisher
Animation: Bernard Tan

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