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Carte Noire - Fire and Ice

Carte Noire unveils the origin of the coffee, and has the "Carte Noire Roast Fire & Ice." A sublime metaphor of the roasting process. As the ice off the fire, a cold shower instantly stops the roasting to capture the best aromas and flavors of coffee.

In this new film by BETC, the worlds of fire and ice clash, creating a battle dance spectacular, until the two elements meet and create the bean Carte Noire. Carte Noire chose director Tarsem, also known for his Hollywood movies for its advertising campaigns for major brands. Stylish poster campaign is added to the film, demonstrating once again that the meeting between the two created the perfect coffee bean, which will help to give this exceptional taste in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

Creative Credits:  
Brand: Carte Noire (Mondelez International): Roland Weening, Valérie Thill
Advertising Agency:
BETC: Anne-Isabelle Cerles, Vincent Reynaud-Lacroze, Amandine Platet
Creative director: Manoëlle Van Der Vaeren
Copywriter: David Soussan
Strategic planning: Elisabeth Jamot
TV producer: David Green, Marie Stéphanie Perdriat
Production: Moonwalk
Director: Tarsem

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